Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trans- during National Poetry Month

I read a "joke" by an athlete who competed against Bruce Jenner that he was upset that he lost an Olympic competition to a woman. It's not funny. It's demeaning and sexist. Women are not inferior athletes, or inferior anything. Knock it off. Now.


I work a lot and live far less than I could,
but the moon is beautiful and there are
blue stars . . . . I live the chaste song of my heart.
—Garcia Lorca to Emilia Llanos Medinor,
November 25, 1920
The moon is in doubt
over whether to be
a man or a woman.

There’ve been rumors,
all manner of allegations,
bold claims and public lies: 

He’s belligerent. She’s in a funk.
When he fades, the world teeters.
When she burgeons, crime blossoms.

O how the operatic impulse wavers!
Dip deep, my darling, into the blank pool.

by Rita Dove

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