Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Reading: Ghosts, Murder, and Audiobooks — Oh, My!

Well, as I expected, I have veered far from my proposed reading list this summer. 

I discovered two new murder mystery series: Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series involving cats, possibly magic and definitely ghosts; and the Bibliophile Mystery series involving murder in California wine country and a book restorer.

I also have managed to fit in a biography, a couple of titles from my back list, a boatload of children's books (thanks, Maddie!), at least two young adult novels and some historical fiction. Some of the titles actually were on my original reading list.

So far, my favorites have been the new mysteries, Ghostly Mews and Homicide in Hardcover. Who knew my inner Agatha Christie would re-emerge? 

In In the Shadow of Blackbirds, I discovered that 2016 is not that different from 1918, what with disease, xenophobia and mistrust ricocheting around our nation.

I have only one Joe Hill in my "read" stack, and at least one from Stephen King is waiting to join it: Revival or Mr. Mercedes? I wonder.

I've stalled a little on my audiobook adventure, but I can't wait to hear Jeremy Irons read Lolita to me. Or maybe Rosamund Pike with Pride and Prejudice. The possibilities are endless.

Now, what are you doing online? Get back to reading — after you tell me how your summer reading is going!