Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hope — National Poetry Month

Natalie Fuller was a smart, vibrant artist and author. In March 2105, she lost her battle with illness, a brain disorder that manifested itself as bipolar disorder with psychosis, after eight years of treatment. Natalie wrote this poem in November 2013, and her mother included it in a recent article in the Washington Post.


There is a little piece of glitter following me around

I see it on the carpet and I see it on the ground

that’s been following me for quite some time

guess I never noticed it before

But I know what it means, that little glitter on the floor

It’s hope.

It’s not coincidence, nope, it’s hope.

And I know that I’ve failed you

yeah I know I’ve been untrue

but that glitter on the floor

tells me it doesn’t matter any more

Cuz’ no matter how many times I fail

I’ve got hope.

This time, I’m gonna be better

and I know there’s stormy weather

Please believe in me

I will solve this mystery

and I will show you

to have hope.

It’s not coincidence, nope, it’s hope.

Someday that glitter will shine

Gonna write my rhyme until the time.

My heart’s beatin’ outta my chest

I wanna rest but that don’t impress

I gotta fight this urge

gotta get the electricity surge

I know I can do it

Beat my demons

appreciate the seasons.

I hope, hope, hope I can to it too

make all my wildest dreams come true.

by Natalie Fuller
courtesy The Washington Post

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