Monday, July 14, 2008

Crutch Girl: Lookin' Good

Well, the good doctor had good news this morning. I am healing well.

The bone appears to be intact enough to heal without intervention, as do the tendons. After exposing my foot to X-rays again in a week or so, I shall prove that while I'm an over-achiever when it comes to breaking things, I also know how to mend like a champ.

I have to learn patience and limitations, however. Despite multiple offers of assistance from family and friends, I found myself in need of carrying something tonight. And what did I do? I tried to carry it. Getting to the car wasn't too hard, but getting out of the parking lot at home with a couple of books in the grocery bag was.

I only bounced once off Suzie's car.

I didn't dent it, but I managed to bruise a knuckle I need for my crutches (which I tossed, but not far -- I was not that dumb at that moment, but slowly coming to the realization of my folly). I put the bag back in my car (for David to collect when he got home), slammed the door and hobbled up the stairs, swearing softly under my breath.

I managed to make it upstairs and actually change my clothes and straighten up the kitchen before I got too full of myself again. While trying to avoid sitting (and slipping) on the pile of newspapers on the couch, I hopped around to miss it.

And whacked my "good" foot hard enough to make it bleed.

That's when I sat down. Two parts of my body that I need for transit were in disrepair. I was positive I was going to do more damage, so despite my need to wash my hands and go potty (and not in that order), I stayed seated.

I could have scooted up the stairs, crawled to the dryer, folded the clothes and found a way to put them on top of the dryer, then pulled myself up on the washer to reach the soap and fabric softener to start the next load. However, I bet the washer lid would have landed with a solid and sickening crash on my unwounded hand, thus ruining all my other functional limbs and really pissing me off.

I was tired of having to ask for help. I wanted to prove I can take care of myself. The thing is, I can take care of myself: by asking for help.

Now, if I can just avoid hurting myself between now and then, I might survive this ordeal with a little of my dignity intact. I think I learned my lesson tonight. I suggest you all start a pool as to when I will forget it.

Update: For those who started a pool, whoever chose "instantly" won. I do believe it was later that night that I tried again to do more than I should. I warned you.....!

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