Sunday, April 30, 2017

3 am, outside Tonopah • National Poetry Month

I hope you liked this year's selection of poems for National Poetry Month. Don't worry, we won't just stop cold turkey — so be sure to check back and perhaps discover a new gem on this blog. If you find a poem you like, send it to me, and I'll share it with the rest of the class.

3 am, outside Tonopah

All I can see on the black ribbon
of Highway 10 is the fine mist
of sand in my headlights.
There used to be mountains
on the horizon. Dawn will return
them in time.
                          The light
in the empty parking lot of Joe
and Tonopah Sue’s shuts off
as I pass. The radio plays
only soft static, but it’s more pleasant
than the thoughts in my head.
When the static becomes tedious, I sing
“Maybe Later.” If you were
here, you would hum the bass
line and — Stop. I will not play
this game. Oh, god, this is when I wish
I listened to myself.
                                     In the dark, no one can see
me let go. My sobs come out
of the place in my chest
you used to be. This is not

the poem I wanted to write you.

by Chris Fow Cohen
Shared with the author's permission

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