Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Poetry Wednesday: Jim Limber the Adopted Mulatto Son of Jefferson Davis Visits His Adoptive Parents After the War

Jim Limber the Adopted Mulatto Son of Jefferson Davis Visits His Adoptive Parents After the War

The man said I could see them if I wanted
He said     America would never be
A place where we could     live together not at
Least in my lifetime     but the damned don’t see
No     important differences     between the Ne-
gro and the White the damned     don’t see no bad
In folks if what bad they done they ain’t     free-
ly chose to do the damned don’t see     no good
In folks if what good they done they ain’t     hoped
To do and the man     he said part of momma
Varina part of daddy     Jeff alread-
y     was burning in Hell I ought to join them

He     said we     might see good     from seeing each other
Tortured we might     finally see each other

by Shane McCrae

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