Thursday, February 27, 2014

Humor, at the Expense of Others, Isn't Funny

A man tried to sell a couch he didn't want after a divorce he was glad to get. He decided to try to be funny in his Craigslist ad.

Instead, he was cruel and misogynistic — and more than a little self-loathing.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I read as young women across the country laughed at how "funny" they thought it was. Milennials females shared it on each other's pages.

I was horrified. These women didn't get that this cruel man was writing about a woman he presumably once pledged to love and honor, and now was holding up to ridicule by revealing their private moments, a "safe" place in which she revealed her relaxed self. I have long maintained that the quality of a person is revealed by how they treat their ex-lovers. This man failed the test on a public forum most likely frequented by mutual friends and acquaintances who would recognize both him and her.

Don't get me wrong: he used the elements of humor that, when properly applied, can be hysterical: commonly shared experiences of an intimate nature peppered with specific detail, exaggeration, attention to minutiae, personal reveals to draw in the audience — just to name a few. And yet... I cringed. This woman was roundly, publicly called out after a break-up. No one "deserves" this. 

I hope this man finds someone who teaches him how to be a good person and a real man. I hope he leaves womankind alone. Or, conversely, I hope he meets someone not unlike himself and learns his lesson. Most importantly, I hope I don't know him, that I don't meet him and that he stays far, far away from me and mine. He is not a nice man and shouldn't be rewarded for this behavior.

Couch must go!!! - $400

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Ikea Karlstad Couch (Contains Black Magic) -$400 OBO
This is my soon to be ex-wife's couch, and I want it gone!! Before getting married I had a great bachelor couch with leather, had massaging powers and cup holders for drinking beer. After making bad choices, I decided hey, I am going to get married!! - Its like eating a Slurpee, and you keep eating, even though you know all you get is a headache, and an unsatisfied feeling.
So I gave up my couch in the name of "Compromise." She took me to this voodoo shop run by Pagan Swedish Practitioners, named Ikea. I was then hypnotized into purchasing this Ikea Karlstad Sleep Sofa. I am not sure about the name of the couch. I think it comes from Norse Mythology which translates to "Throne of the Unholy."
Don't believe me? When she would sit on the couch, this unholy sound would bellow from her mouth, scaring young children, and beckoning me to do all sorts of things for her (sort of a honey-do list for the damned) When I sat on it, yelling, screaming and mashing of teeth would ensue. Sports lost their luster, if I got to watch sports. Beer tasted flat, and unfortunately I would end up watching some sort of chick flick. I now realize that "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" was not a movie, but a training video for this Succubus.
The Throne also contains a sleeper sofa if you have guest over. We never had any overnight guests. . .at least none that we ever saw the next morning. This couch is so unholy that my dog doesn't even want to sit on it, or even near it.
So in closing, please, please, please buy this couch!!! I need beer money, and I need this couch removed from my house so I can get something less demonic, and much more manly. $400 OBO (I paid $800 two years ago)!! I also recommend bringing a couple people with you to help haul it, and at least one priest to perform an exorcism before bringing this piece into your happy home!!
I have other items for sale that belonged to the Queen of the Damned, I will post them in the near future.

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