Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Month of Letters: It's Begun!

It's begun. We're days into A Month of Letters. To whom have you written so far?

And if you haven't... start!

A Month of Letters is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family, people who know and people you'd like to know — and maybe some you don't.

All you do is write and mail one letter each day there is postal delivery during the month of February. It can be a postcard, a letter, a note, a communiqué, a dispatch. You will be amazed how pleased people are to receive your missive.

What, you don't have a person's address? It's not too hard to find: ask for it. Ask the recipient, a mutual friend, their moms. (Moms always have addresses.) If you're tech savvy, look 'em up on The White Pages, where you get an address (and a phone number, if you're interested) with a few keystrokes. (I don't recommend using a search engine, which sends you to information collection companies that will spill it all for a fee.)

Can you use a computer? Sure. However, make it interesting: stop by the stationery store, drug store, department store or even thrift shop and pick up some fun, interesting note cards. (While you're there, be sure to grab some note cards for "thank you" notes. You know you need 'em.)
Do birthday cards count? Absolutely! Be sure to write something in the card, though. Hallmark can't do all of the work.

If you miss a day, don't panic — just double up the next day. If you know some days are more hectic than others, plan to spend a few minutes on the better days to write a letter or two. Try to not put too much on your plate at once; writing lots of letters in a single day can feel unrewarding. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

By the way, expect more than one phone call in return — though, let's hope your recipients pick up their pens and return the favor of a letter.

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