Thursday, June 13, 2013

Library Loot: Taoism, Crichton, Social Media — Oh, My!

More often than not, my library use defines my interest of the moment. So, class, what am I checking out these days?

First, there's Michael Crichton. Karen and I are reading Next together, and I like Richard Preston.

Then there's Taoism, which I find fascinating. I've read most of the Tao Te Ching and all of The Tao of Pooh. Is it applicable to my way of life right about now? One way to find out.

Finally, weirdly enough, I'm less insulted by being called an "idiot" than "dummy," so I go for that line of instructional books. No, seriously, I like the way they're written and formatted (not to mention I'm more of a fan of orange than yellow). If you want a good overview, go to the Idiots, I always say.
Or, "Join the club."

I may not finish all of these books immediately (aside from Next). I can handle only one Crichton at a time, and the novels have to be properly spaced to avoid author fatigue. 

Plus, I can tolerate only so much philosophy before it starts to sound like pablum. I may have chosen unwisely for the topic of Taoism. (David is reading The Tao of Pooh right now, but I may steal it from him if my hardcover copy doesn't arrive by tomorrow — thanks, Amazon Prime!)

At any rate, this stack is  not long for this reader. Crichton is a quick read and my Idiot level for social media may be sort of low. Anyway, no need to keep any of these books out of the hands of other like-minded souls, right?

So, what have you checked out lately?

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