Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perspective from a Fan or Two

Perspective. It's a crazy thing.

The woman at the Alfie Boe concert Wednesday I thought was distracting (Concert Craziness, Etiquette) had a few choice words to write about me.

This Alfies Arrow [sic] was "embarrassed for this town." The show wasn't sold out and the audience members were not on their feet, which is what she thought was fitting for this performer.

Here's what I saw and experienced at the Birchmere that night:
  • At least two people within arm's reach of me used canes to walk and stand. 
  • Many in the crowd were older, and didn't move fast or nimbly. 
  • Standing required the participation of everyone re-arranging their chairs.
  • I couldn't cross my ankles without kicking someone under the table.
  • I could not comfortably stand at my table. Instead, I knelt on my seat and twisted my back in an uncomfortable angle.
  • When my brother-in-law moved, I could not see the stage — so the people behind me would have suffered the same fate had I stood.
I hope this Arrow finds a venue and audience that better suits her sensibilities, as we certainly did not.

Myself, I will continue to see Alfie Boe at the Birchmere as many times as he chooses to perform there, and I will join my fellow fans in the intimate venue that welcomes him in their own, loving way.

Update 2/11/2013: The online statement mentioned above was updated. Let's just enjoy the music. Merry meet.

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Richard Goodman said...

I am generally opposed to standing at concerts, and sporting events,
and other public venue things so I agree with you. If everyone stands, only the people up front can see. Stadiums and theatres are designed for optimal sightlines for SEATED people. Especially a venue like the Birchmere- it's a freaking restaurant for all intents and purposes. You don't stand up in a restaurant. You sit and appreciate the food, the music, the atmospshere. I'll clap and yell but I stay seated unless forced to stand in order to see the performer.