Friday, March 9, 2012

The Month in Letters: 2012 in Review

February was a short month this year, though not as short as usual. An extra day meant an extra day of writing opportunity, with letters sent through the mail.

The Month of Letters was not the smooth situation I expected.

First of all, have you tried writing a letter with a kitten who thinks pens are great sport? Not easy, I assure you.

Then there was the "what do I write about" dilemma: like a talkative toddler who who goes mum when the phone is thrust in her face, my ability to think about letters dried up as soon as pen was poised on the page. I relaxed, however, when I realized I could simply start with where my mind was then, dragging the poor letter recipient into the madness of my mind.  Only a couple of letters were intentional, written to convey a specific spot. The rest were rather spontaneous. I heard no complaints, so I assume they were well-received.

The real lifesaver was photo postcards. I printed a few extra photos when sending some to the grandmothers, and I decided to share them with those who simply didn't expect them. It was bliss.

I know at least one person who shared her address with me is waiting still for her letter, which will emerge from my pen next week.  Another's letter was returned because I didn't follow my own advice.  And I myself received letters in return of mine, which was lovely.

In the end, I managed one letter for every day mail was delivered, for a grand total of 24 correspondences. I had hoped for a lofty 29, but I am glad for what I accomplished.

Thankfully, March also is a month of letters, although less intense than February. Every month should be full of letters — don't just stop because spring is approaching or February is past.

Keep writing letters. Your recipients will thank you. I know I will, if  I am one of those recipients.

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