Friday, March 16, 2012

Chris and the Family Self-Portrait — Or, "Get The Camera Away From Her!"

Chris: "Say, let's take a group shot! Here, I'll hold the camera..."
David: "I don't know. Maybe Nikki should take the photo."

David: "I don't think the camera is — did you just take that shot?"

David: "You're not in the shot."
Chris: "I'm sure I am."
Nikki: *smile*

David: "Try pointing the camera down. No, further down —"
Chris: "I've got it!"
Nikki: *smile*

David (wistfully):"You know who's good at this? Valerie! Valerie is really good at this. Where's Valerie?"
Chris: "I can get this..."
Nikki: *smile*

David: "Let's give Nikki the camera."
Chris: "I've got it!"
Nikki: *patient smile*

Nikki: "Are you in the shot, Chris?"
David: "Maybe Nikki should take the photo."
Chris: "Am I pointing it down far enough?"

Nikki: "Do you want me to take the picture?"
Chris: "No, I've got it this time—"
David: "Nikki, for the love of God, get the camera away from her!"

David: "That's going to look good."
Nikki: "I so got this!"
Chris: "Thank you, Nikki."


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