Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeding and The Force

For those keeping score at home, Cisco has returned from the hospital.  Because he is not eating on his own, I must hand-feed him.

Anyone with a cat has read between the lines: "I'm mixing baby food and water and squeezing it from a syringe between Cisco's tightly clenched jaws into his unwilling, possibly un-swallowing mouth."

I have been more or less successful: most of what I feed him has gone into his mouth and, presumably, down his throat.  I am wearing some, as is the pillow on the chair where we were seated, but that's a small price to pay.  He is "eating."  That keeps him out of the hospital, for the time being.

As long as we keep it up and he gets back to eating and drinking on his own sometime soon,  we will achieve our goal.  Otherwise, he will wind up with something else shaved on his body and yet another poke with a needle. No one wants that, least of all my feline heart.

I'm going into the bedroom, where he currently is ensconced, and I'll finish one of the books I'm reading.  I think we'll both like the company.

Here's to everyone staying out of the hospital for a while.

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