Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My First Stop for Filling in the Gaps: The Lost Symbol

I've been pretending to start reading the first of my Fill in the Gaps books any day now.

Oh, I've read some good books lately, and those of you who have stopped by From One Book Lover have read about them.  However, none have been on my Fill in the Gaps list. And, frankly, that's a problem: how in the world can I get them all read in time?  I'm in trouble!

Until now.

Of the 100 books on my list, none have jumped off the shelves and into my hands — until....

Drum roll, please:

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Bless the library for having a copy on the shelves when I dropped off my other books a few days ago.  (I've been scanning the bargain tables, but so far, alas, no symbol — and with as quickly as I devour his books, I need 'em discounted, like cheap junk food for a sugar high.)

I've already set aside a little time this weekend to get lost in the book.  I've enjoyed his other novels, so I suspect his magic will still hold.

What are you reading?

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