Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Drunk Hedgehog Taken to Hospital to Sober Up

(Click here for the article complete with a hedgehog photo! Drunk Hedgehog Taken to Hospital to Sober Up)

A hedgehog was found sloshed out of its mind and "squealing loudly" in an apple orchard in England this week -- not to be confused with your college roommate, who often got drunk while playing Sonic the Hedgehog.

The feisty hedgehog, nicknamed Tipsy by animal rescuers, was seen rolling around haphazardly after consuming one too many fermented apples at a farm in Devon. As luck would have it, the Prickly Ball Hedgehog Hospital -- an actual place -- was just a few miles away in a nearby town.

"This is definitely the first drunk hedgehog I have found," said Ann McCormack, who drove Tipsy to the hospital. The animal was given ample dosages of antibiotics and painkillers but McCormack guessed that Tipsy would have a "big headache" the next morning.

Rescuers said they were just lucky they got to the hedgehog before it started leaving sobbing voicemails for its ex-girlfriend.

Er, thanks to Asylum.com.

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