Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decadence in the Form of Linens

You may know me as a book lover, but I secretly adore linens.

Fluffy towels, soft blankets, comfy quilts: they make me dreamy. (And you thought it was only throw pillows that sent my heart a-flutter.) So when it was time to increase the bedsheet fold, I knew I had to go for the best. Mom sent me 600 thread count sheets once and I knew my "bottom line."

Today I stopped by TJ Maxx, my regular sheet supplier, and was surprised that the best they could offer me was 400 count. I wasn't going to slum quite that low, so I hopped in the car and tooled down the street to Marshalls.

And found bliss.

Can you say "1,000 thread count sheets"? I knew you could!

When I saw them, I gasped aloud and the woman in the aisle with me looked askance. I apologized, and explained why. "I found 1,000 thread count sheets," I breathed.

"Is that good?" she asked? (She was quite young.)

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuh," I said, trying to gather my wits about me. "I have a set of 600-count sheets and they're smooth and lovely." I grabbed the heavenly sheets and hugged them to my bosom. "I know they're a little expensive, but they're worth it."

She looked at the $70 price tag, looked at my feverish face and mused, "If they're that good...."

"You can start a little lower, at 500 or so, and work your way up, if you're not sure, but it's a decent buy," I assured her. (I checked.)

I can't speak for her, but I know the economy was bolstered by my purchases. (I also purchased habaƱero ketchup — always check the food aisle for deliciousness!)

Now, I won't be the first person using these sheets. I have friends coming to visit, and they need linens for the weekend. Or maybe longer — once they climb into these sheets, they won't want to leave!

When it comes to sheets, go high thread count or go home. You can thank me later.

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