Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pesach and Poetry

At sunset tonight begins Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), so today we celebrate with two poems. Click here to find out more about this holiday.

Enjoy this poem and Happy Passover!
Chag Sameach Pesach!
(khahg sah-mehy-ahkh pay-sahkh)

Gabriel, Age Two, Opens the Door for Elijah

My grandson gazes at the seder plate from his position
far down the table, waves his little hands in my direction,
And says, on cue and as he had practiced, "Ma zot?"
Hebrew for "What is all this?" Next year he might know
the Four Questions but for now, Ma zot is sufficient,
and we set about answering him.
True, we took a few liberties with the seder's order,
Gabriel opened the door for Elijah before the meal
In case he got cranky and his mother had to put him down.
For the record, Elijah didn't come this year,
Nor did he drink from the glass near Gabriel's plate.
But I swear I felt the prophet's presence
in the angelic face of my grandson. Both are harbingers
of that better world all of us so desperately need.

By Sanford Pinsker
Courtesy The Jewish Magazine

I Love Passover

I love Passover,
since that's when you'll be back.
Like every year,
we'll take the car to Kiryat Motzkin
and, over glasses of wine
and bowls of charoset,
Zvi will tell us
of the March of Death.
Then we'll return to Tel Aviv,
and as you drive in the dark,
the car's windows
will fog up,
and I'll put my hand on your knee.
At home, we'll get into bed
and celebrate our own
private Seder.
I see myself putting
my lips to your belly
and thinking of honey,
while in the street below
our angel passes.

by Aharon Shabtai
Courtesy Say Something Wonderful

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