Friday, April 10, 2009

Lyrics as Poetry, and a Bonus

From time to time, I like to ask myself, "Are lyrics poetry?" Go ahead, ask yourself that. What's your answer?

And what are some of your favorite lyrics?

Sittin' by the Side of the Road
from the motion picture "Michael"

Sittin' by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere
I don't know where I'm goin' but I hope I know it when I get there.
Thinking about how love never works out,
but I guess that's the way it goes
And how this story ends, only heaven knows.

I always thought there was an angel watchin' over me
But angels sometimes make mistakes, as you will see
'cause I've had my share of bad love affairs,
in fact, I married three.
So here's my little story about Miles, Ralph and Bradley

Miles made me smile 'til he stole my Camaro
Ralph made me laugh 'til I cried
And Bradley, oh, I loved him madly
but his tires were bald, and they went flat
so did our love and that was that.

Now I'm sittin' in the middle of nowhere by the side of the road
One of these days I'll find true love,
learn how to say 'No.'
I know in the past my love didn't last
as I guess this story shows
Where was my angel then? Only heaven knows.

And a bonus: a YouTube video of Quincy Coleman singing the pie song from "Waitress," one of my favorite movies. (Alas, still no soundtrack released!)

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