Saturday, May 31, 2008

Top Five Things to Do on a Rainy Afternoon

1. Have lunch
Alicia and I saw the sideways rain from our dry and comfy spot in the mall, so we slipped into The Corner Bakery for a bite. It was delicious, and we remained dry.

2. Shop a little longer
Unless you have to leave a building, why bother? Very few things cannot be postponed. I got out of reading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man three times as an undergraduate. That is evidence enough of this philosophy.

3. Be thrilled you parked in the parking garage
The fact that shopping started at that point is just evidence that, for once, the gods were on your side. It never will happen again.

4. Choose the perfect spot for a nap
While beds are usually prime real estate for this experience, look beyond the expected. That spot on the couch will work just as well. Even that spot on the floor next to the couch. Use your imagination.

5. Start reading Robinson Crusoe
I keep trying, but PayPal keeps thwarting me. AbeBooks hasn't, though, so I heartily recommend that great service. No offense, but eBay doesn't really make purchasing that easy for the dedicated reader like me, and PayPal isn't always our friend.

So, what are your top five things to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon?

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