Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Prose Poem Like No Other

I'm sorry if we were poem-less yesterday. It was a crazy day that really didn't stop until an hour into today.

However, it was a good kind of crazy: David and I became engaged to be married.

I didn't think anything of David insisting we go to a 10 pm movie — on a weeknight. And why wouldn't Alicia and Bob want to go see "Leatherheads," too? At our favorite theater, no less. Punctuality is important for both David, who is a stickler (God love him, he has his job cut out for him) and me (when it comes to movies, people — I don't want to miss a single trailer!). And despite an unanticipated visit from his mom and (she's fine!) her trip down the stairs, I was standing in the movie theater as the first trailer came up on the screen.

Only it wasn't a trailer. It was David. Dropping on one knee (next to a poster of a movie titled "Married Life," which I innocently had nixed from the evening's lineup).

Once I got my voice back and finished kissing him, I gave him my answer: absolutely yes. With silly grins plastered on our faces, we enjoyed "Leatherheads" and shared a tub of popcorn.

Three different folks at Cinema Arts moved projectors around to make this surprise a reality, so support them and their compatriots by watching your movies at Cinema Arts Theatre and University Mall Theatres. Tell them I sent you.

And today, I'll let this prose poem speak for itself.

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