Monday, September 24, 2007

Poetry in Government

Here is a great example of poetry used by the government.

This was installed in Riverbend Park by the Fairfax County Park Authority.

The poem is delightful, and I've reprinted it below for your reading ease. Much thanks to Matthew Kaiser and Judy Pedersen of the Fairfax County Park Authority — and my fellow hiker Lois, who has friends in the right places.

Creatures of the Seep

Beneath the rock ledges
And rotting leaf litter,
Live many a bizarre
And strange little critter.
Some that are snail-like,
And some that are shrimpy,
But to survive they must be strong
And not too wimpy.
The petaltail dragonfly larva
Hides in the mud,
Waiting to capture
The little shrimp-like scud.
The planaria’s head
Is shaped like an arrow,
And it’s body is wormlike
And very narrow.
The springsnail lives
On leaves that are decaying,
And salamanders walk underwater
While hunting and preying.

- by Anna and Marty Smith
(Riverbend Park manager and his daughter)

(Image courtesy Fairfax County Park Authority)

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