Monday, May 7, 2007

Today in History: Perón and Borges

As I tally the entries of the last contest, enjoy this poetry interlude....

Today is the birthday of Eva Perón.

The poet Jorge Luis Borges experienced the politics of the Peróns firsthand. In 1946, having opposed the military dictatorship of Juan Perón in his speeches and non-literary writings, Borges is removed from his post as librarian and offered a job as a chicken inspector.

Enjoy a poem by Borges (and read another short biography of the author):

To a Cat

Mirrors are not more wrapt in silences
nor the arriving dawn more secretive ;
you, in the moonlight, are that panther figure
which we can only spy at from a distance.
By the mysterious functioning of some
divine decree, we seek you out in vain ;
remoter than the Ganges or the sunset,
yours is the solitude, yours is the secret.
Your back allows the tentative caress
my hand extends. And you have condescended,
since that forever, now oblivion,
to take love from a flattering human hand.
you live in other time, lord of your realm -
a world as closed and separate as dream.

by Jorge Luis Borges

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