Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jayne Mansfield and Amber Tamblyn — National Poetry Month

Amber Tamblyn wrote Dark Sparkler, an exquisite book of poems about the death of actresses. You simply must purchase this book and read the poems. You will weep. You will celebrate their lives cut short. You will search for more information about the women in this book, even the ones you think you know. You will be thankful this book is written. Below is the first poem I read from the book. When you read this book, and I know you will, let me know what you thought of it.

Jayne Mansfield

Your neck was a study of the asterisk,
the silken shape of Sanskrit,
the sucker punch of succulents.

Your neck an thinning glacier,
fine at the grind of a blade curbe

soft as a k in a known word
long as they say about slow burns.

Your neck the place pearls retired
below the face your girls admired.

Your neck was a fortune you did not spend.
Your neck is what they'll remember the most.
Your neck in the end.

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