Thursday, March 13, 2014

Suggest a Poem for 2014 National Poetry Month, Win a Poetry Book

April is National Poetry Month. Are you ready?

Share a poem with your fellow enthusiasts and win a poetry book.

Yes, you read that right: send me your suggestion for a poem to be shared on Hedgehog Lover during National Poetry Month and I will send you a book of poetry.

One lucky book recipient also will receive a copy of the 2014 National Poetry Month (pictured, left). Oh, perhaps there are other ways to obtain a copy, but this way nets you both a book and a poster. Double win.

Where do you find your poetry? The Academy of American Poets, The Writer's Almanac, The Poetry Foundation all come to mind. Can you name others? Which is your favorite?

Have you tried any of the poetry apps available? The Poetry Foundation has one that is particularly fun.

If you write your own poetry, which is very cool, please feel free to share it as well, whether it is published or unpublished.

Ready, set — poem!

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