Monday, February 17, 2014

A Month of Letters: Up to Speed

So far, so good: after two weeks, I've mailed one letter for nearly every day of the month. Hopefully some of you have received your missives. Remember, if you want to make sure you're on the Mail From Chris list, write me an e-mail or message me your address on Facebook.

I have had the opportunity to use my interesting note cards, including the bee cards I received for Christmas (in honor of Da Bee).

I have not written a letter a day as much as I have written a few letters every few days. That seems to work for me, but you may prefer to pace yourself differently.

I haven't written a "letter" a day, either. I have sent a couple of picture postcards. Remember: it's not just the posed pictures that deserve to be shared. Those photos you love? Those are the ones others will love, too.

I also have written one or two longer, thoughtful epistles. Not everyone will have to endure those, but if you are among those who have listened me in the past, you very well may receive one.

Keep up the good work, letter-writers, and think: is it worth continuing after the month is over?

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Beth Field said...

I've been writing a few letters at once every few days. I am really enjoying peoples responses to the cards and letters. They really appreciate the thought. Great idea, Chris!