Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poems and Grasshoppers


It's funny when the mind thinks about the psyche,
as if a grasshopper could ponder a helicopter.

It's a bad idea to fall asleep
while flying a helicopter:

when you wake up, the helicopter is gone
and you are too, left behind in a dream,

and there is no way to catch up,
for catching up doesn't figure

in the scheme of things. You are
who you are, right now,

and the mind is so scared it closes its eyes
and then forgets it has eyes

and the grasshopper, the one that thinks
you're a helicopter, leaps onto your back!

He is a brave little grasshopper
and he never sleeps

for the poem he writes is the act
of always being awake, better than anything

you could ever write or do.
Then he springs away.

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How I celebrated National Poetry Month: I celebrated two days at once!

  • I subscribed to the newsletter and signed up for a Poem a Day.  (Those of you who did the same thing will recognize the poem above).   
  • I cheated, but only a little: I did what I'm doing, and let it count at "integrating poetry and technology."  

Remember to share your favorite poems with me (published, original, found — your call!) and I'll share them with the rest of the class.  I have at least a few already, so hang on to your hats!

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