Monday, May 17, 2010

May I Update You on New Year's Resolutions?

As we careen along this year, let's take a look at where my New Year's resolutions have zoomed along — or stalled.

I want to read more.
Frankly, I'm not racking up the books as I had hoped.  I've joined a book club but haven't been keeping up.  (We won't discuss The Terror.)  I've got five books going, including a few very interesting tomes, but they're not stacking up as quickly in recent weeks.

I was thinking about my reasons, a.k.a. excuses, and they sound pitiful.  I have too many books going at once, or maybe I've been shopping more than reading. Part of it is my new-found attempt at running in the morning, so I can't read until 1 am and still wake up road-ready five hours later.

Like I said, excuses.  None of them good or even convincing.  However, what I am reading is good, so I'll report more on that soon. 

I want to write more letters.
I did a great job for a while, a letter a week to Mom, then I fell off the wagon.  Poor Mom — she gets a Mother's Day card, then the postal carrier has nothing else to do for a while.  I might have to mix it up a little, maybe let pictures do the talking for me.  Does it count if I simply caption photos?

I want to listen to music more.
That's progressing nicely, with the iPod on in the background or my computer on in the background during the workday.  Right now I'm watching an Eric Clapton concert with musicians other than Mr. Clapton himself performing.  (Yep, this one is David's choice.  He's the concert DVD fan.)  I also have spent more time in the car lately, and the local pop station plays most of the time I'm in the car.  (I get my fill of NPR in the morning.)  I have picked up some good CDs lately: Essential Bruce Springsteen, anyone?

Plus, guess who's going to see Jeff Beck in a couple of weeks?

Yes, David, but who else?

Yes, PJ, my other Gee-tar Guy.  However, guess again 'cause there's another fan in the 'hood!

I want to listen to more music.
Did I mention my pop music station?  Plus, I have discovered just today the entire area of Free Zone on cable devoted to music.  I might just find some new group I like now that I have outgrown the novelty of Ke$ha (who will not suffer from this adjustment to her fan base, I am sure).

I want to run faster.
It was a hard, long winter spent in the gym.  I am grateful for that option, and for a wonderful husband who actually enables me to do such things, but it's hard to leave the comfort of the gym for the street (and I can't run on a treadmill and live).  it's even harder to hit the streets in the morning when the weather is all over the place: hot one morning, freezing the next, 40-degree swing in temperature followed by a thunderstorm, so I can't even run when it's finally warm.  (Yeah, poor me.)

The only drawback to being back on the street is the fact that I try to get it done before work on weekdays.  It requires a whole different mindset, which doesn't come naturally to me, no matter how many years I've tried to master it.  There's an art to being a morning athlete, and according to Fitness Magazine article, it's possible to evolve.  I'm sure I'll get there — right around October, when daylight saving ends and it's dark when I wake up.  (Cold, too, but despite my whining, I can live with that.)

Well, I think it's time to put down the computer and either pick up a pen or a book.

So, how are your resolutions coming along?


Richard Goodman said...

The Free Zone on cable is awesome. It's like having XM/Sirius in your house, but for free. Also, the thing about resolutions is the sustained attempt, not so much the actual results.

Chris said...

Thank you, Richard. An important part of the resolution also is determining if it's worth continuing. The pop music loop is way too limiting, so I have to find a different station (or stations). Thank heavens for Free Zone and cable music stations!