Monday, January 25, 2010

News Year's Resolutions Follow-Up, Part 1

It's been nearly a month since the beginning of the year.  How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?

Let me tell you how my crazy declarations are maturing.

I want to read more.
Well, I'm not yet reading less, despite a sinus infection — I have read two books so far this month. (I read one twice, so does that count as three books?)

I am finalizing my Fill in the Gaps list to choose the 100 books I pledge to read in the next five years.  I estimate at least half of the books on my proposed list are in my house right now.  I am looking for recommendations on which H.P. Lovecraft book (or two) to put on my list, in case you can offer a title or two.  Actually, I will take any recommendations you can offer, and I'll publish my list soon for your perusal.

I want to listen to music more.
David and I both have been turning on the iPod when we are home, so music has been echoing through Chez Cohen pretty steadily.  I have heard more Eric Clapton than any person alive should.  Him, and Al Dimeola.  I jest.  We've also heard more Once More, With Feeling and Betty.  Imagine Pete Fountain following a little Buffy.  (Go ahead, I'll wait.) (Cool, huh?) I imagine we'll listen to the iPod for hours as we drive to North Carolina later this month.

I also have switched my radio stations from NPR-only to a few music ones.  I surf until I find a melody I like, no matter the language or style.  It's kind of fun.  Sorry, Kojo, I gotta mix it up.

I want to listen to more music.
I downloaded "Don't Cha" the Pussycat Dolls a couple of weeks ago, and watched in amusement as David whistled it for a week.  I'm sure he's cooking up some revenge, though I don't mind humming a song for forever. It's the people around me who crack first.

Today, I flipped the radio to the local pop music station.  I wasn't really enjoying it at first, then realized it was the traffic and my own response to it that spoiled it for me.  On the way home, I just relaxed and found myself bobbing to "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha.  I didn't condone the behavior of the song narrator who was intoxicated with an air of carelessness that concerned me, but the beat was impossible to ignore. I also heard "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift —I think it was my first exposure to her, and it was quite a sweet song.

Then there was Kelly Clarkson, who seems to be all over the radio, on pretty much every station I've hit.  I'm not sure if I like that, let alone her getting away with such sloppy lyrics.  "Sucks"? Can't you do any better, Ms. Clarkson?

I want to write more letters.
I want to run faster.
I did neither of these, but with my clean bill of health, I'm bound to start at least one soon.  Maybe tonight.  You never know.

How about you?  How are your resolutions coming along?

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