Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chris' Favorite Videos

Here are a few videos you can check out on the Internet. Very clever, and pretty fun.

Hollywood Declares Themselves — Part 2
The first "Don't Vote" ad from the Hollywood opinionated (Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, et. al.) was clever. This one was even better.

Dreidel by Erran Baron Cohen (featuring Jules Brooks and Y-Love)
Hebrew grafitti? Hebrew rapping? And all featuring the younger brother of Borat himself? As if I could resist!

Where the Hell is Matt?
When you travel, what do you do? Take a few photos, wander through landmarks, maybe dance with strangers on camera? Well, that's what Matt Harding does. He goes to very visually recognizable places and dances. Once the world caught sight of this somewhat chunky average American, he was beseiged by people who wanted to dance with him — which they did — then he told people how he managed this fete. Also check out his outtakes.

Dancing in Fairfax
What's the sincerest form of flattery? Watching a few high school students take Matt's idea and apply it to my neighborhood.

"Ron Howard's Call to Action" on Funny or Die
Will Ferrell put this site on the map, but Paris Hilton's fake presidential campaign kept it in the limelight. Next: comparing Forrest Gump to Benjamin Button!

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