Monday, December 17, 2007

Sea Monsters, Part Two — Aaaah!

As discussed in an earlier blog, I am convinced sea monsters exist.

National Geographic has confirmed their existence. Take a gander at the prehistoric frilled shark that surfaced near Japan earlier this year.

Or at these "7-foot-long paddlefish." (Are those TEETH?)

I'm not sure what disturbs me more: the fact that a prehistoric shark exists or the fact that other things in my brain thought to be extinct or fictional might very well exist, too.

My friend Carole has the talent of influencing Hollywood: very soon after she reads a book, the movie studios put it on celluloid. I'd prefer that talent to my dubious ability to bring to life whatever is in my imagination. I read a lot of Stephen King as a youngster, so just imagine what is in there.

So if we start seeing more monsters leaping out of the ocean, I apologize in advance.

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